Tree of Love Dead @ Nusa Penida

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Tree of love Dead Nusa Penida, Tourism object tree of love Dead is one of the cheaper packages object to Nusa Penida are not to be missed. If the drop in to the Nusa Penida, it will not be enough if only enjoy one day trip Nusa Penida only. Because, there are many interesting places to visit and lots of things to do on the island.

In addition to diving and snorkeling activities you can relax, soothe the mind from all the problems of the everyday. There are many providers of Nusa Penida tour that offer great value.

The Appeal Of Dead Tree Of Love

Dead tree of love actually which is now a tourist attraction is the old dead tree. Though already dead, but the stem is still standing strong and sturdy overlooking the beautiful blue ocean views. Well, the layout of this Nusa Penida tour objects close to the Kelingking Beach. So, it is natural if you can see the beauty of the sea. The visitors usually take the beach myself into this Dead tree of love before heading to other destinations.

Activities that attract visitors visit it is to climb the tree and then sat perched on a limb. Silence while enjoying the roar of the surf from a distance with the wind blowing the stroking of the hair. Of course, more memorable when you invite a couple to enjoy this natural feature. The pair will capture their moment of togetherness when sitting on twigs die, Love object one day trip Nusa Penida.

The Uniqueness Of The Sights Of The Tree Of Love Dead Nusa Penida

For some reason called the tree of love, but this tree is already obsolescent, leafless and do not have many branches again. An old tree that is one of the sturdy and strong curved a twig to prop the body of one to two people. If it’s not there to take altitude, takun, you could just sit or stand there looking around felt a quiet nature.

Although not a place Nusa Penida snorkeling, but very interesting to visit. To facilitate the tourists for a ride over looking amazing, the view Manager provides a set of stairs. So, you can easily reach the branches of the tree of love it to death to see the natural beauty of Nusa Penida whole tours.

Location and access to the attractions of a dead tree of love

The location of the Tourist tree of love Dead Nusa Penida is close to the goal of one day trip Nusa Penida, Kelingking Beach. In the blooming flowers, Nusa Penida, Kab. Klungkung Bali. On the way to the Kelingking Beach around parking the vehicle you will see a tree of love it to death. You can visit it at once to the Kelingking Beach. From Sanur Beach Bali, you have to ride fast boat heading to Nusa Penida, Bali.

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