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Kain Cepuk

This Kain cepuk comes area of Nusa Penida Precisely in the Village of Tanglad , with the process of work is almost the with as the Endek fabric with a distinctive red color ornaments .acompanied by colorfull motifs.Clamps are commonly used For making racing costumes ( rogue characters in show of caniddates ) , and ornments or crate piles . Clap Fabric , Caracterized by geomatric patterns over simple lines . check here cloth This kain Cepuk comes  the area of nusa Penida , With the processor of workmanship that is almost the same as the Endek . With typical red collor ornaments , accompained by colorfull motifs . Clamps are commonly used for making racing costumes ( rogue characters in show of candidates ) , And ornaments or crate piles . clap Fabric , Characterized by geomatric pattrens over simple lines .


One of Bali’s Cultular traesures , Is the woven fabric . And Nusa Penida is one of the sources .  Anyone must know that the island of bali has as innumerable cultural treasures . Artistic beauty is every corner . Wherever we turn , there plastered natural beauty , artwork and crafts . One of cultural products . the famous Balinese people are women fabrics such as Gringsing woven cloth , polis cloth , songket cloth and endek fabrics it is not enough because there are other types of cloth produced by the people of Bali , precisely the community of Nusa Penida , the Rangrang fabric . kain Rangrang is a woven fabric made by villagers karang . Pembuatan cloth in addition to meet the needs of everyday life also preserves the traditional culture because Rangrang Cloth  is used as a complementary  means of relligious ceremonies and custom closing The technique of applying the style and color on Rangrang fabric is a single bundle technique In general , This cloth is given varrious motifs , Among others saksak tunjung flower, grass questionnaire , and cypress trees. While on the edges are often given ornaments in the form of motifs of flowers julit, Leaft lillies , butterfilles ,and decorative frog decorations . In Rangrang fabric is also always have a white line is known as pangoh spurs is a kind of knife that is in use by the chicken fighter on the show cokfighting .

Traditional Woven Weaving Equipment Cloth Nusa Penida

The tools used in the weaving process of Nusa Penida clap cloth are still classified as traditional , Because they still maintain the traditional tool contist of :


por is a wooden woven clocth made from wood which is equipped with traditional carving art used to hold apit ( woven yarn holder ) and tied to the weaver’s ass .

2. Apit

Apit is a tool of weaving of Cloth Cloth made of a wood or bamboo which is adjusted its size is used for the holder or thread of woven yarn to tighten.

3. Lihingang

Lihingang is a woven Cloth Flower Tool made from a bamboo stick that is adjusted in size used to wrap the yarn which will be put into the Tundak

4. Cagcag Board (cagag)

Cagcag Board (cagag) is a woven fabrics made from a wood with a size large enough to be used for the base (placemat) Cagcag.

5. Likah

Likah is a Woven Cloth Flower Tool made of a wood with a customized size used for the base of all the tools used in the weaving process.

6. Cagcag (Cagag)

Cagcag is a Woven Fabric weaving tool made of a wood used to support the reliability.

7. Pandalan

Pandalan is a weaving tool made of clay made from wood with a long enough size used to wrap the woven fabric that has been arranged.

8. Fiber

Fiber is a woven neat weave made of bamboo fabric used to adjust the yarn position so neatly.

9. Gehum

Gehum is a white yarn attached to a woven work to regulate the position of the woven yarn.

10. Implication

The zipper is a woven cloth made of wood or bamboo to hold the yarn of Gehum.

11. Bumbungan

Bumbungan is a woven cloth made of bamboo fabric to limit between the woven yarn top with the woven yarn down.

12. Blide

Blide is a woven cloth fabric made of bamboo that has been in the puree to strengthen in the arrangement of woven yarns.


Lihingang is a woven cloth made of bamboo that contains certain carving art works to put lihingang

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