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Mereren Village @Nusa Penida, New Launching Phase 1 Start IDR 900 Millions, Project  Jln. Toyapakeh – Sebunibus, Nusa Penida, Bali – 80771. Telp 08113989389

Enjoy Underwater Beauty and the Best Sunset Crystal Bay Beach in Nusa Penida
Bali is a favorite destination for any traveler. The natural beauty of Bali has to offer travelers make not only Indonesia, but also foreign tourists choose Bali as their tourism destination. Bali is very famous for its beautiful beaches. However, not only nature beaches on offer in Bali. Natural attractions are like waterfalls and hills in Bali also offers the natural beauty of its own. Bali has many beautiful beaches, one of which Crystal Bay Beach, Nusa Penida. The beach is touted as the best beach in Bali. Nusa Penida is an island located 28km from Sanur.
The beauty of this beach makes a lot of foreign tourists coming for snorkeling, diving or swimming. Crystal Bay Beach in Nusa Penida indeed have a beautiful coral and fish in the world. It is very suitable for you lovers of the beauty of the sea for diving or snorkeling. Like a beach in the Caribbean, Fiji, Tahiti, Great Barrier Reef, this beach has the best boomies. The beach is a surge for the divers underwater due to have a life that is very rich in marine life. In Nusa Penida will find a wide variety of fish, including large fish such as sharks. Moreover, on this beach, you can find a beautiful Mola Mola fish that can only be found in several places in the world. In addition to Crystal Bay Beach, there are many other best spot for diving, namely, Toypakeh, Malibu Point, and Stone Barn.
Unlike Kuta Beach, visitors Crystal Bay Beach in Nusa Penida is still not too crowded.With the beach so it will feel like the beach is yours. The small number of visitors at this beach because the roads leading to the beach are still a few Rusal. To get here, we need the full balance if you drive motors.

Besides the beauty in dala sea, the beach is also the best place to see the sunset.Because of the beauty sunsetnya, many tourists who come who enjoy the beauty of the sunset from the ship. To enjoy the exotic beauty of the sunset, make sure you’ve been in Crystal Bay Beach before 17.30 pm. The beauty of the sunset was unfortunately be passed.

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