Atuh Beach – This is Raja Ampat Nusa Penida

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If the traveler is on vocation to the area of Nusa Penida,be sure to stop at Atuh Beach. This beach has a beautiful landscape,so it’s shame to miss. In fact,the beauty of Atuh Beach is often compared to Raja Ampat,because is has a beautiful view of the cluster of coral islands. Nothing wrong if people call the Beach Atuh as Raja Ampat  his Nusa Penida. This beach is located  in Banjar Pelilit,Penginutan village,Nusa Penida. This place can be reached about 2 hours drive from Sampalan Port. There are two rutes that can be used to get to Atuh Beach,which is trough  Dusun Karang  or Dusun Pelilit. If the traveler  wants to enjoy the beauty of coral cluster,it is advisable to go through the Pelilit path. Its locations between to cliffs  make you have  to prepare extra  energy to get  to this beach. Motorbikes  or other vehicles must  be parked a few hundred meters before reaching the beach.

The rest,traveler must walk. But the trip will  not be boring because you will served  the scenery of  the hills to the east and the view of the sea off  to its west. In that journey we can also see the cluster  of coral islands. There are four coral islands visible.among them Batu Melawang Island ./Pepadasan,Pulau Batu Abah ,Pulau Batu Paon,and Pulau Bukit Jineng . The beauty of this scene  is the most coveted tourist  who visit the Beach Atuh.

Once on the beach ,the traveler relax on the white sand. You can see coral islands across the sea ,as well as cliffs that flank the beach . Water on this beach is still quite clear. If the water is receding ,we can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater biota . But do not be crazy to take animals or coral reefs there yes. After all,we must keep nature preserved. From the shore that we also can see more clearly the uniqueness Melawang Island. The island is the largest coral island there. 

Local people also often refer to this island as “bolong” because on the island there is indeed a kind of coral tunnel. According to public confidence,every fishing boat that wants to sail from Atuh Beach to the high seas must pass throught the hole. Not yet know the reason for the emergence of the myth,however for the people who live around Atuh Beach,the myth has its own magical value  so that people do not dare to break the myth.

Mitos Mata Air

Not far from the beach,there is a temple called Pura Atuh. According to local people,the temple is managed by four pekraman villages and two traditional banjar. This temple is often visited by people around Puhu and Tanglad villages,especially during ringaninan. In the western part of the temple there are two springs that are still used by the people. One of the springs is considered sacred,because it is only used for the purpose of traditional ceremonies. While orther springs are utilized by surrounding communities for various life interest.

Pantai Atuh

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