2 Days “Plesiran” Nusa Penida

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Nusa Penida is the largest of the three “homeland” which is located in the southeast of Bali, Bali. Although Nusa Penida is the largest island, its reputation in the field of tourism defeated by two other islands are smaller in size, that Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.


For me, Nusa Penida is one of the favorite island. Exploring Nusa Penida is quite challenging (discover why at the end of the article, yes) and as well as fun. For you who like nature, do not miss a visit to Nusa Penida.
How do I to Nusa Penida, what we can do and we can see there, and how to get around the island? Listen below.
Transport to Nusa Penida
There are two alternative transportation to Nusa Penida of Bali.

If you intend to bring the motor of Bali, you have to go through Padang Bai by boarding the ferry (RoRo ships).
Fast ship
You can only take it away and luggage only. Sanur is very popular harbor a point of crossing from Bali to Nusa Penida. There are several options speedboats, my favorite is the Maruti Express. It is possible to get a ticket on the day of departure, but it is advisable to reserve one day in advance. Do not worry, once on Nusa Penida, you can rent a bike directly at the port with Rp60.000-70.000 price per 24 hours.
fast penidaKapal homeland of Sanur
Itinerary 2 Days in Nusa Penida
There are so many interesting places in Nusa Penida, but passable enough two-day itinerary to explore Nusa Penida. Oh yes, if you want to know how to get around the island, it’s easy. You just have to rent a motorbike, or if a crowd can rent a car. If traveling alone and can not drive a motorcycle, do not worry, there are also tours with motorcycles!

The first day
Arrive at Nusa Penida in the morning, do not waste the opportunity! Drove to the west side of the island. There are many interesting places to be visited, like Beaches little finger, Niagara Seganing, Niagara Guyangan, Pasih mentioning (Broken Beach), Angel’s Billabong, and Crystal Bay.


My favorite is the little finger Coast, Niagara Seganing, and Crystal Bay. Turkish little finger may be one of the most frequently photographed in Nusa Penida. The view from the top of the cliff shaped like a calf, at first glance similar to the scenery on the island of Zakynthos, Greece.


Prepare mentally and power esktra to see Niagara Seganing. The waterfall is located at the base of the cliff, with a fairly steep terrain, side by side with the ocean. The waterfall is not pretentious, he appears simple with pools for bathing and is right on the edge of the ocean.
Pretty special, right? The first waterfall is the water source for the residents living in the vicinity. Not pictured tired to descend and ascend to bring water!


The atmosphere at the Cristal Bay who make at home
Crystal Bay suited for you who want to relax on the beach while enjoying the scenery and sip cold drinks. Many people are swimming, sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling and lounging in a café or restaurant. The atmosphere is fun! The road to Cristal Bay is very easy, the road is smooth course.
The second day
It’s time to venture out into the eastern side of Nusa Penida. There are two main places you should sambangi. First Pura Giri Putri cave, located not too far from Buyuk, probably about 15 minutes. The cave entrance is narrow, just enough for one person, but do not be surprised, this cave is spacious and supposedly can accommodate 5,000 people.
Before the exit of the cave, you’ll find something unique. There is a place of worship of Dewi Kwan Im derating complete with red lanterns.

Besides Pura Giri Putri, you also have to pay a visit to Turkish atuh. Like the other beaches in Nusa Penida, to reach the beach atuh must trekking bit. Actually it does not matter when it comes down to the beaches, the problem is when I had to go back to the parking of vehicles. Not bad nanjaknya, bro! Atuh beach is beautiful beach with views of the rocks. One of them is shaped like a high-heeled shoes!

Other Important Things
Very popular to do day trip (trip one day) to Nusa Penida. Fast boat ride in the morning, departure at 7 or 9 of Bali and the return schedule around 3 pm. Nevertheless, it is advisable to stay one or two nights in order to be satisfied to explore the island. Many people say it’s like Bali Nusa Penida dozen years ago.
Oh yes, when I visited Nusa Penida, 60% of road where conditions are not too good.Well, this is a challenge traveled in Nusa Penida! Roads are generally rocky / pebbly so for a short distance, it takes quite a long travel time. How? Are you ready to explore Nusa Penida?

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