Ledok and Tipat, Local Food of Nusa Penida

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Glad to live in Indonesia this is we can find various types of culinary in one place . Do not believe ? just try to check your city . There must be a variety of foods that do not necessararily exist in other cities . There may even be more thant a thousand kinds of food as I found in Aceh . But this time I want to talk about Bali . well , if you hear about the culinary of Bali . it must be imagied  is Betutu Chicken or Babi Guling Ya . Hehehe . Well those two are the most popular anyway . But when i visited southern Bali , precisely to the island of Nusa Penida , it turns out there is also a typical food that you may not meet in other parts of Bali you know . The firtst typical Nusa Penida food I know is Ledok . Ledok is a kind of poridge , but the main ingredients are not only rice , but there are also cassava ,corn,beans,and many more . Hmmm , If I think rada similar to Manado porridge aka tinituan yes . But it’s different .

Porridge Ledok, food typical of Nusa Penida is presented in a bowl 

I found this Ledok porridge at Pasar Mentigi , Nusa penida . there is a shop inside this market that sells Ledok and Tipat  Cantok . Anyway if enter into the market , ask aja who shell Ledok where , hehehe . I tell ya because my traveling companion , Mrs.Nina , invites me to hunt this food since set foot in Nusa Penida . I still participate wrote hehehe it was delicious!

Beisedes Ledok , I also tasted the name Tipat Catok  . well , Tipat this apparently a kind of “Gado-gado” yeahh .. Tipat or ketupat pieces or trimmed pieces are then mixed with vegetables with peanut sauce and some spices are pilverized .It feels different yes with Gado-gado . But equally Good !

Alredy quite full when we walked out of the market mentingi. But it turns out kak mahayanti , a friend of our journey instead invite to enjoy another delicioous food typical of Nusa Penida . Located in front of the market mentigi exactly , there is a small stall that sells fish satin wrap and fish pepes . sate are eaten together with ketupat ( tipat ) and vegetable jackfruitt . well this is a champion you know . Very delicious! Moreover Satenya new mature , Pepesnya still hot , And Vegetable fruit juice berkuah Hot rather Spicy . sober !

Fried Satay satay in front Of Pasar Mentingi

I kind of forgot what the hell ya name . But if I search on Google does , supposedly his name tipuk jukutaku . Later I recharge deh with  brother and sister centengnya Nusa Penida.

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