The 7 uniqueness of the Nusa Penida Island

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1.Island with seaweed spinosum,the world’s rarest seaweed.

Nusa Penida, a small island located about ten nautical miles southeast of Bali,its coastal region is listed as a “museum” of rare seaweed in the world. Seaweed spinosum species, is a species of rare water plants,which in Indonesia is only found in the coastal area of Nusa Penida, Seaweed beside as a commodity for trading is also used for the purpose of vegetables, snacks or puddings are certainly high nutritional value. Related minister Ever visited Nusa Penida to directly review this rare seaweed. We should be proud as the community of Penida and bali nusa generally have seaweed that is second to none.

2.Island with the uniqueness of nature Under the most beautiful

Nusa Penida is famous for its underwater objects so many divers from all over the world come to Nusa Penida  to explore the beauty of panorama under the sea of Nusa Penida. No wonder if  Quiksilver cruises lalulalang here…

In addition to offering sea touristm, Nusa Penida also has some very beautiful places to visit,including Penida Beach, Batumedawu Temple, Pura Dalem  Ped, Puncak Mundi, and several springs to the south of Nusa Penida that offer views of the sea with a cliff  that berdetinggian between 50 – 200 meters.

Coral reef here is still infact and very awake,know our fishermen (nusa penida) never take coral reefs so keasrian coral reefs and marine biota still occur,will you ask to visit it?..we wait.

3. Island with high niskala (divine) level

This is the most important point of the seven uniqueness,how not a arid island is stored magical mystery that no tara…, Every month there are always pemedek (visitor) who crowded this island, tirtayata religi, In a village,exactly in Ped Village, Sampalan, Nusa Penida,there is a very famous temple in all corners of Bali. Pura Penataran Agung Ped name of the shrine. Located about 50 meters south of the sea shore of the Nusa Strait. Because of the very wide influence of all corners of Bali, Pura Penataran Agung Ped agreed as Pura Kahyangan Jagat. This temple is always packed with pemedek to beg to safety,welfare,and tranquility. Until now,this temple is very famous as one of the most popular spiritual attractions.

4. The safest islands of the flood/Tsunami

It sounds eccentric,but that is the latest fact,the composition of this island consist of solid limestone,with a hilly terrain,this makes the island  quite safe to overcome the tsunami if it happens..,floods almost rarely founds this island.

5. The safest island of all evil

Almost inaudible,the evil that means there is this island,the atmosphere is safe and friendly that is reflected from this small island, robbery or theft can be suppressed. This is evidenced by number of cows that are just released diareal rice fields/Tegal,the motor is placed outside the house/outside the house/outside the fence pari one glance (thief  eye on blind ). Community is harmonious and work as usual.even if there is theft but not as severe in other cities (most thieves cassava for boiled at home).

6. Bio – Energy producing islands

Pollution – free, natural conservation and electric power that does that does not exist on other islands. The island is selected as the island of bio energy tourism, this was disclosed by the President SBY  on the sidelines of his visit to the island penida nusa (read also SBY speech upon arrival in nusa penida( beside that the island is also used as nature conservation and power plant bayu (wind)

7. Island coveted foreign investment

Investors from Kelantan, Malaysia are interested in investing in Nusa Penida Island,Nusa Gede islands,Klungkung Regency,Bali to be developed into a tourist area.

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