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Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida a stretch of green hills that will make us say woooooww !!! Teletubbies Hill ? It  Seems  to hear these two words for children in the era of two thousands who now must have grown teenagers and adults, be familliar and will not be forgotten with the word hill teletubbies . yes , the place to live and play the character of Teletubbies tinky wingky , Dispy , Laa laa and Poo on this popular Teletubbies Childern’s television show can be found on the eastern tip of Nusa Penida island . Mounds and indentations on hills that resemble small mountains with beutifull lanscapes with green grasess like Teletubbies fillms that make this hill dubbed Teletubbies Hill called Teletubbies Hill Nusa penida . Before called teletubbies hill  , The local community of Nuda Penida used to call this hill with the name of Gamal tree hill because the plants that live in this hill are usually taken to feed their live stock . After being named hill of Teletubbies accidentally by visiting tourist  , the local people also  accoustomed to call this hill . from the top of the hill Teletubbies visitor can also see the houses-houses that look small from the height and beautifull views of the blue ocean visible from a distance

We Can Use Motor Sicle To Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida

To reach Teletubbies hill , go to Nusa penida can depart from Sanur beach , Bali or thorugh port of padang bai . Arriving at Nusa Penida we can continue the trip by motorbike rented to the tourist to go to the border of the hamlet of julingan , the village of Tangglad and the hamlet of sedehing ,Sekartaji village located east of Nusa Penida . If you want to enjoy the beautifull views of small hills with green grass grass , Visitors should come not in the dry season , but it is better if come during the rainy season in order to witness the beautifull green hill that present breathtaking scenery for visitor who will marry if youy want to capture pre-wedding moment , Teletubbies Hill can be one of the right choice recommendations for photographes and prospective brides immortalize precious moments before marrriage

Teletubbies Hill nusa Penida 

The name Teletubbies Hill is a phenommenal tourist attraction for visitors who are curious and intrested to visit this tourist attraction . With the incrasing number of tourists visiting the hill of Teletubbies and visited by the tourists who wante to Suehan beach , making this hill more famous and speard from mouth to mouth of foreign and domestic tourists to come visit this hill object teletubbies in Nusa Penida is aslo a place of inters to the community Nusa Penida . If well managed it is exspected that Teletubbies hills could incrase the number of tourist coming and increase the income of local communites  of Nusa Penida . Though covered with green grasess , the hills of Teletubbies are made of limestone but half a meter thin earthy soil , making the grass grow and create beutifull  , green shades resembling Teletubbies hills . it would not be complete if the tour to Nusa Penida not come up this hill or just look at the expanse of green grass hills that  dazzle and refresh the eyes like a hill in this film Teletubbies . And do not forget if you want to visit Teletubbies hill Nusa Penida to maintain the beauty of nature created by the greatness of God is by keeping the cleanisses of Teletubbies Hill tourist attraction .

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