sabung ayam attractions @nusa penida

Mereren Village @Nusa Penida, New Launching Phase 1 Start IDR 900 Millions, Project  Jln. Toyapakeh – Sebunibus, Nusa Penida, Bali – 80771. Telp 08113989389

Sabung ayam attractions on lembong island, nusa penida, Bali

There is one interesting attraction more if visit to bali, the attractions cockfighting or Sabung ayam attractions

This tradition is a common thing done in bali society. Where the two Chickens will fight and the audience surround it while bet .

Attractions cockfighting in the sense of tourism is indeed shown to the tourist to show the people of bali. The tourist will be invited to choose the cock champion and join the bet

The chickens in the cockfight attraction are not equipped with weapons and only made three short rounds just to explain how the procedure of cockfighting and how to bet in Bali. More on learning about tradition and culture.

Interesting, but must still be viewed with wisdom. This is just an attraction to introduce culture only.

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