Pura & Sacred Place Nusa Penida

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Pura & Sacred Place Nusa Penida

On the island of Nusa Penida there are so many shrine / temple is Pura universal heaven but the most famous is the Pura Ped, Pura Paluang, Pura Puncak Mundi, Pura Goa Giri Putri

  1. Pura Paluang (Pura Car)http://www.mererenvillage.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Pura-Paluang.png
    Pura Paluang have another name is Pura car has to Pelinggih in this temple-shaped car. This temple is in Tebing over the sea, from Temple to seemingly most Nusa Penida But if it is seen more clearly, this temple has a unique difference with other temples, from 13 Pelinggih in Pura Paluang, There 2 Pelinggih that resembles VW Beatle and Jimmy. Pura Paluang who has a car-shaped temple is one – the only one in the world and it is the appeal during a visit to the temple of the car.By doing tirtayatra we would get more inner peace and be able to feel the power of the Great and Holy creator so that we can be aware of and grateful for the gift of His
  2. Puncak Mundihttp://www.mererenvillage.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Pura-Puncak-mundi.pngPura Puncak Mundi is Penataran with Jaba side, Jaba middle and offal (innermost),where Jaba the middle has a wider area than offal. Pura Puncak Mundi is located on top of Mount Mundi who became the highest point on the mainland of Nusa Penida. At the peak, there are 3 main temple, Pura Beji, Pura Dalem cage, and Pura PuncakMundi. The first worship do in Pura Beji located about 400 meters east peak Mundi,then worship both at Pura Dalem cage, and the last in the Pura Puncak Mundi. Here there wantilan and many bale to pekemitan. In the temple is also still there are dozens of monkeys around the temple area, so if you come to this temple should be more careful – careful with your luggage. Usually people who do tirta yatra to Pura PuncakMundi prior to Pura Dalem Ped
  3. Pura Giri Putrihttp://www.mererenvillage.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Pura-Goa-Giri-Putri.png
    Goa Giri Putri an entrance to go to Pura Giri Putri temple in Nusa Penida because this one is in the Giri Putri cave. To go to the temple, you have to walk up the stairs toward the mouth of the cave. In the courtyard there are shrines such as padmasana andbuilding blocks for storage of equipment upakara. After praying in the courtyard of this cave, then you will enter the cave to Pura Giri Putri. On descending into the cave thathas a diameter of 80 cm, curved – curves and full of rock outcrops we had to crouch down to walk along the 3 meter. But do not worry because in the cave is very spaciousand can accommodate thousands of people.Stages prayers in Pura Goa Giri Putri namely:
    1. Linggih Ida Hyang Tri Purusan dan Ganapati
    2. Linggih Ida Hyang Wisnu dan Wasuki
    3. Linggih Ida Hyang Dewi Gangga ( tempat penglukatan)
    4. Linggih Ida Hyang Giri Pati
    5. Linggih Ida Hyang Giri Putri
    6. Linggih Ida Hyang Siwa Amerta, Rambut Sedana, Ratu Mas Manik Melanting, Ratu Syahbandar, Dewi Kwan Im, Dewa dan Dewa Bumi
  4. Pura Dalem Pedhttp://www.mererenvillage.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Pura-dalem-Ped.png
    Pura Dalem Ped is the largest temple complex in Nusa Penida.
    Nusa Penida temple in a temple in the temple complex there are 4 temples, Pura Segara, Pura Taman Sari, Queen Pura Dalem Gede and Penataran.
    – Pura Segara From this Segara temple area you could hear the waves of the sea water because of its location close to the sea temple. With the beach atmosphere that accompanies you while doing the praying. Worship take place as usual, led the local stakeholders.– Pura Taman SariThen proceed to Taman aiming for purification. This temple is located on the east or to the right Penataran. This temple is surrounded by a pond filled with lotus flowers.–  Pura Ida Ratu Dalem Gede MecalingAfter that proceed to Ida Ratu Dalem Gede Mecaling that are to the left of Pentaran Pura Agung, north wantilan, with three temples Gelung and ornaments typical white Nusa Penida. Inside the temple area Ida Ratu Gede is not too much there shrine but has a wide area, a main shrine and left side pelinggih buffer.– Pura Penataran Dalem PedThe temple that has a fairly wide area with a nice arrangement. Penataran Dalem Ped is next to the temple Ida Ratu Gede. There are many shrines lined up on the side of the east and north. In the middle – the middle stands a bale pelik.Terdapat Padmasana shrines in northeast facing southwest.

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