Mereren Village @Nusa Penida, New Launching Phase 1 Start IDR 900 Millions, Project  Jln. Toyapakeh – Sebunibus, Nusa Penida, Bali – 80771. Telp 08113989389


Global Nomadic Ltd has been working to address wildlife rehabilitation issues, using a holistic approach. Setup in 1999 to work on Orangutan Rehabilitation in Tanjung Puting National Park, central Borneo, they have now expanded their operations to Nusa Penida, a small island next Bali.

Their holistic approach seeks to address all variables in wildlife rehabilitation, including reforestation, community development, eco tourism and agro-forestry. They aim to create a better environment and future for wildlife in Indonesia using all means necessary, and not simply focusing on a narrow range of indicators or variables.
The project in Nusa Penida was started in 2004, using the same holistic approach, but centered around protecting Bali’s bird populations. They have created a Bird sanctuary on the small island neighboring Bali, where Bali Starlings (already extinct in the wild), Mitchell Lorikeet, lesser silver crested cockatoo, mostache parakeet, java sperrel, to name but a few species which are now thriving in their new protected habitat.

Land Speculator

The number ofpotential possessed by the islands of Nusa, particularly in the field of tourism has attracted so many investors. Beside attract the investors, Nusa islands which today has developed into tourist areas have also attracted the interest of land speculator.Many of them purchased a lot of land in Nusa (beach front specially), which is currently still has a fairly cheap price. Later they will resell the land at the right time and they’ll get a lot of profit from that.

Live livelihood – seaweed farmer

Local peoples in Nusa mainlivelihood is as seaweed farmers. Others are working in the tourism sector and supporting tourism sector. But some of them, particularly in the area of NusaPenida is also still working as a farmer. Almost all of them work in coconut or corn plantation.