Peeking Ngaben Tradition in Nusa Penida, Bade as high as 10 Meters Parade to the North Sea

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The Sun Rises in the village of Pakraman Batumulapan , Batununggul Village , Nusa penida , Klungkung , Bali , wednesday (26/7/2017) Hundreds of photographers and tourists gathered to meet the local coast . they are preparing to capture a series of ceremony pengabenan that only exist in nusa Penida , which paraded bade and advanture on the higs seas . The afternoon the sun was quite hot on Batunggul Beach , Nusa Penida An impatitent look is cleary visible on the faces of photographers and tourist when they have heard information that the bade and bellhop procession will be postoned temporarily due to the tides . ” sea  tides became the determinant of the ceremony Ngaben  , So the event could be deleyaded one hour . The initial estimate of ngusung  bade at exactly 13.00 pm , but the conditions is not possible ,” Said Chairman of the pengabenan Committe in Dasa Pakraman Batumullapan ,  I wayan Geria , wednesday  (06/26/2017) An hour later , The sound of gamelan beleganjur began tosound noisy . The most anticipated cultular treats arrived . people’s cheers make the atmosphere more exciting . three reinforcement consisting of two oxen and one elephant mina first arrived on the coast . The Expresive sound of the gamelan beleganjur , Making hundreds of citizens who carried it became hysterical . The jummed and spun in the sea Moments later , two bade arrives as high as more than 10 metters . Stikers immediately an toward the sea , Followed by cheers of local People . This moment is awaited by the Citizens , Especially the photographers who come from all over in They do not miss The moment to Immortalize the image . Nothing in any Bali area other than in Nusa Penida Subdistrict , Marching bushes and bade in the sea . This unique procession that lasted for three hours successfully made the tourist and photographers amazed . 

Acctually in Bali all processeion pengambenan same , but unique in Nusa Penida is Also done in the sea . In addition ,the excess Ngamben in Nusa Penida is very beautifull Natural landscape . Heaven color combined with a blue sea and clean  , the phhotograph will make it easier just to take beautifull picture during Ngaben ceremony at Nusa Penida .” Said a Sennior phhtographer who joined Association of Photographers Bali ( PFB) , Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana . He Added , shooting Ngaben in Nusa Penida become extraordenry if the point of view shooting perpetuate the spirit of the caremony .

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