Tourism place : Pasih Uug (Broken Beach) In Nusa Penida

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Uniqueness owneg pasug uug very beautiful,the cliff in the middle has a hole or tunnel that translucent. When the waves come and hit the cliff as the waves are trapped inside the tunnel. The green scene you can see when you visit here,but when the dry season dry season green grass will dry and grow when the rainy season. The location is in banjar berlumpang ,Dusun Bungah bloom ,Nusa Penida.

Interesting Things on Pasih Uug Beach Bali

This beach is also populary called by the name “Broken Beach” because this beach has a cliff as high as 50-200 meters with a hole in the middle so that it is shaped like a cave or tunnel that flowed by sea water,so the sea water trapped in the middle.

Because the sea water is trapped in the middle of the cliff,making it look like a giant pool.

Above the cliffformed coakan or hole also looks like a’bridge’natural is a very unique and interesting scenery. And you also will not encounter the natural phenomenon in this world,in addition to the Beach Pasih Uug Bali (Broken Beach).

Pasih Uug Bali Beach (Broken Beach)is located in Banjar Sumpang,Bunga Mekar Village,Nusa Penida Sub – distric,Klungkung Regency,Bali. This beach is a bit like a beach in Uluwatu.

But Pasug Uug Beach does not have Pura and there are no wild monkeys that roam like that in Uluwatu,the waves were relatively quieter when compared with the waves at Uluwatu Beach.

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