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There are a few neighboring islands close to Bali. There are 3 of the most famous, is located about 20 km from Bali to the south-east, known as the island of Nusa Penida,Nusa Ceningan Island and the island of Nusa Lembongan. Each of these islands sharetheir own unique purpose of tourism and art. For many people, the three islands maynot be recognized as part of the district of Bali.
Nusa Penida is composed of three major islands, Nusa Gede, Ceningan and NusaLembongan-Jugutbatu. “Bali golden eggs” are being hatched, that Nusa Penidadidegung that tourism has grown bolted.
That is evidenced by the last few years Nusa Penida started many local and foreign tourists. There are so many beautiful places, unique, amazing, exotic places and of course to spend your holiday in Nusa Penida.
Here is the Best Place in Nusa Penida you must visit

  1. Crystal Bay
    http://www.mererenvillage.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Mereren-Village-Nusa-Penida-8.pngCrystal Bay or used to be known Penida Beach offers impressive views and a beautiful panorama.Surrounded by two headlands and a small hill on the high seas, the local people call itthe Stone Jineng. Crystal Bay become the most favorite place for many visitors both internationally and locally as a tourist destination.
    For those of you who like twilight, this place rekomdasi really because the beach facing west, so you can watch the sunset (Sunset Nusa Penida).
    Not only that, in the crystal bay you can also do activities such as diving, snorkeling,swimming, sunbathing, playing beach ball.
  2.  Tembeling Water Spring
    Natural pool below the cliff green forest. Fresh spring out from the secret cave andflows into the pool and then out to sea. The dense forests around the place makes it so wonderful, but not all of the pools could swim by women. The pool is specifically for women close to the beach while the upper one for men.
    To reach this place you need extra energy to walk. But now there are motorcycle taxisthere.
  3. Atuh Beachhttp://www.mererenvillage.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Mereren-Village-Nusa-Penida-5.png
    Hidden beach is surrounded by high cliffs of the Great Wall was amazing and extensive white sand. On the east coast, there are some hills that make the panorama of aggregation of the headwall. Padasan hill called hill that has some great places for fishing and camping. You can track, swimming, snorkeling splash of exotic coral reefs and colorful fish, sunbathe, play in the sand, camping, and more.
  4. Pasih Uug (Broken Beach)http://www.mererenvillage.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Broken-Beach-Nusa-Penida.png
    Pasih Uug it has its own uniqueness. You can see the cliffs in the middle there is a hole. Trowongan or translucent. sea water into the hole, so the water as trapped in the tunnel, practically circular shape with high cliffs surrounding it. If you come here during the rainy season, when the grass began to grow, the surrounding scenery guys.Tapi will appear green if you get there at kemarau season, then view become sterile. But despite the poor, but still interesting. Anyway, cool, there is no one to try for the holidays to Nusa Penida. On the cliff top holes in it, on it looks like the bridge and you walk on it. Your vacation may be to Nusa Penida more fun when out with friends or family. Pasih mention or Broken Beach adjacent to Angel Billabong.
  5. Angle‘s Billabong
    Angel’s Billabong is bidadarinya island of Nusa Penida. Billabong words taken fromEnglish means “Rivers Edge Of A Dead End”.
    This place is the end of the estuary of a river on the island of Nusa Penida which empties into the river water before they reach the open sea. At the mouth of this riversurface water is very calm and clear.
    There are also overdraft-overdraft naturally formed pools are very beautiful and pretty and it might not necessarily be found elsewhere. By distinctively artistic and rockyyellow green will add exoticism of Angel’s Billabong this.
    This place is next Pasih mentioning. Visitors can swim and relax but not recommendedwhen a huge wave swept away by the water to avoid the sea.

    So many sites Nusa Penida, so it can not be reached in just a day. If you want to NusaPenida in a short time, it is a good idea to consider any sites you will visit and othertourist attractions that you can visit at other times.

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