Mata Air Guyangan Nusa Penida, The Pool On the Edge of Cliff

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Located behind a cliff in the hills of Nusa Penida,the Guyangan springs become the main water source of the surrounding community. The spring has  the second largest water discharge after Penida springs,but about 70% of the water flows into the sea and has not been utilized by the community. Aside from being the main source of water  for Nusa Penida residens,this region  also kepps the beauty as one of the popular tourist attractions of Bali.

I Dewa Gede Karismana for example. Tourists from Bali is admitted the scenery of Guyangan is veri charming. Alhtough it took a hard struggle to reach the sights, it all paid  of after seeing the panoramic waterfalls the on blue ocean across.

“The adventures,challenges and sweat pouring were removed with the fresh of  sambari looking at the blue ocean. The incredible sensation is like being in a five-star hotel pool,”he said.

This Guyangan is spring is forned naturally  by nature. The location is in Banjar Guyangan Batukandik village, 25 kilometers from Nusa Penida port.

To reach the location,tourist must pass hundreds of stairs  to the spring. A descending path with a 150-meter distance present an andrenaline-ridden experience as well as the tourist.

once close to the location,there will be very laud waves. This adds the wonderful adventure to the fountain.

As reported by,Batukandik perbekel,I Wayan Katon,said that this place has beautiful scenery though classified as challenging to achieve it.

This tourist spot is challenging,but the scenery is incredible.Complete scenery,bathing in the pool looking at blue of the sea becomes a momment not forgotten for travelers,”he said.

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