Manta Point @Nusa Penida

Mereren Village @Nusa Penida, New Launching Phase 1 Start IDR 900 Millions, Project Jln. Toyapakeh – Sebunibus, Nusa Penida, Bali – 80771. Telp 08113989389

Nusa Penida is located of the southern tip of Bali. Some of Bali’s best diving is off the coast of Nusa Penida, including the legendary Manta Point. We travel to Nusa Penida from Sanur beach using ocean going speedboats, rather than the local “Jukung” outrigger boats which are used for in shore diving operations, this can take around 45 mins to get to the first of the many dive locations. because we are crossing open ocean it is recommended any seasickness medications are taken in advance. Diving in Nusa Penida gives you the opportunity to experience the majestic Manta Rays as well as the incredible Oceanic Sunfish (Mola Mola). These can be seen at a few sites including, Manta Point, Manta Bay, Crystal Bay. Nusa Penida is also well known for some amazing drift dives along some of the most beautiful reefs. The marine life is in abundance and can be perfect for Videographers as well as Photographers alike. The Mola Mola season is generally considered to be between late July and often into November, but this season varies and these creatures can spotted sporadically, all year round. Oceanic Sunfish (Mola Mola) are reclusive animals and even in the season, sightings are not guaranteed, if seeing this mysterious creature is on your bucket list,consider booking 2 of 3 days of diving at Nusa Penida, this will maximise your chances of a sighting.

Advance booking for dives at Nusa Penida during this period is always recommended as spaces on boats are limited.Always try to hve alternative dates for diving available.

Please be aware that Nusa Penida can be subject to choppy water and strong underwater currents, therefore we require that all divers are properly certified and inexperienced or new divers book a “private guide”. This allows us to match air consumption rates so that everyone gets the best, most enjoyable and safest dive possible. This is also a great option if you are a dedicated underwater photographer or videographer – Private guides can be shared between a group.

Manta point is a limestone that appears to surface in Tanjung Pandan, near the western tip of Nusa Penida Island. Stunning landscapes of the land, with steep limestone cliffs and shaped by massive waves to the beach throughout the year. The difficulty that can be encountered at this dive location comes from strong waves from the Indian Ocean towards the coast.

Manta point becomes an attractive location because of the Manta rays throughout the year, these waters are rich in plankton, thus attracting many seabirds for foraging; this location also serves as a cleansing center which is a good opportunity for divers who want to watch Manta stingray up close in its quietest manner. Often Manta just swims around you in a circular motion. This scene is incredible, and the image of the fish you will remember throughout your life.

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