Backpacker Goes To Nusa Penida

Mereren Village @Nusa Penida, New Launching Phase 1 Start IDR 900 Millions, Project  Jln. Toyapakeh – Sebunibus, Nusa Penida, Bali – 80771. Telp 08113989389

Nusa Penida became a very special place for us due to our engagement on the island, Campbell made an underwater proposal during a dive. Before going there we didn’t have many expectations, the main reason we went to Nusa Penida was to see famous mola molas and mantas. Need to say that the island has much to offer except for the world class diving and snorkeling we really enjoyed our time there and could easily stay longer. Hope our Nusa Penida backpacking guide will inspire you to visit and explore the island.
Things to do on the island.
For us diving is the main activity in Indonesia and the main reason we came back here every time. The main diving attractions on Nusa Penida are mantas and mola-molas (sun fish) if you are lucky.

Maybe one of the best snorkeling with mantas in the world, sometimes your chances to see them snorkeling are even better then diving since they are most of the time just glide on the surface. the island by motorbike
There is a lot to explore, impressive cliffs, pristine beaches, bat caves, temples, waterfalls etc. We drove around one day and had time to visit just a couple of places in one area so if you have more time you’ll be able to explore and discover more.

Places of interest on Nusa Penida
Have in mind the road conditions on the island once you are out of the main road that goes around the island your drive speed will reduce to 15 km per hour, due to numerous holes, steep ups and downs and dirt road sometimes. Though the island isn’t big don’t expect to be able to visit many places in one day.

Seganing waterfall
Beautiful place, not many people go there. Some rock climbing involved, so be ready and better wear trainers, flipflops is not the best option. Steep long down all the way to the sea level and steep up on the way back. The waterfall is not big more like a creek with separate pools for swimming for men and women. Once there look up to the steep cliffs around the view is breathtaking. On the way down we spotted many, really many mantas in the water.

Sunset Point
At the same place where Seganing waterfall is just before you go down, good spot to see mantas and observe the picturesque cliffs including famous Banah cliff.

Crystal Bay
Beautiful beach, nice for swimming and snorkeling, not far from Toyapakeh, 20 min. by motorbike. There are some accommodation options and restaurants there. Nice place to stay if you want to chill out on a beach. Out of all places on the island (except for the main beaches) maybe the most visited by tourists.

Paluang temple
Beautiful temple on the age of the cliff with some stunning views over surroundings, easy to get there. Locals go all the way by motorbikes we parked ours at the nearest village and walk for about 15 min to get there.

Where to stay at Toyapakeh beach
There are some accommodation options not as many as everywhere in Bali. The later in day you arrive the less is your chance to find something cheap. Both times we were there we had to walk around for sometime trying to find a cheaper option but in the end stayed both times at Mereren Village. The place is very nice, new rooms with AC, clean, pool, bathroom (cold shower), wi-fi, towels, we paid from IDR 600 000/$50 per night.

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